10 Things to Know Before Hiring your Real Estate Agent in Playa Del Carmen

For doing somethings DIY is a big risk. One such task is buying Playa Del Carmen real estate. Whether you’re looking for a residential property or business space, you need an expert at the job.

Only a real estate agent who is well versed with the locality in Playa Del Carmen you’re interested in can get you the best deal. Same goes for property sellers who are looking for the potential agent to get them the best price.

And it’s not simply choosing the agent or real estate agency that is popular. You need to pick the one who’d complement your desires.

Recommendations, reviews and questions to ask your agent before hiring one – a lot needs your attention. Let’s get going tackling each of the steps to find out the best real estate agent for you.

  1. Shortlist agents based on qualities you want not deals and stars

You can’t straight go and catch the rare bird. First you need to shortlist a few agents from online lists, peer recommendations and open houses. Guess work, research and trusting others is what you need to do at this stage.

Relax and make a list of agents in Playa Del Carmen including the ones your sixth sense and grey matter mutually agree for.

Do not set one criterion such as number of deals closed or any fancy parameter. Similarly avoid patronizing biggies in the job. They may hand you down to assistants, not all but some. Hefty chargers would get you a smaller than deserved share while selling through agent.

Newcomers are often more devoted and would put in their soul to get you the dream property. Before anything, when you find something during the research, trust it. If you’re a first time buyer, you may not know the extent of bluffing in the market.

  1. Attend Open Houses

Two kinds of open houses are meant for you – where your agent is and in your desired locality. Ideally both should be the same! Still if you happen to find a great home buying agent in a nearby area meet them while they’re at work. Unprepared encounters are the best way to get to know the reality. Jot down the open houses happening in the locality and trace your desired agent.

Before meeting they get to meet you, you’d have already visited them. For home buyers going to an open house is the best choice as there is no one waiting for a yes or no response. You can just walk around and observe.

  1. Interview as many agents you want

Remember that it’s mutual interest that brings you two together. No kind of hesitation will work in your favor. Sparing your agent few questions won’t only leave room for later clashes but present you as an easy prey.

An important thing is that not all your questions are going to be about things you don’t know. In fact do some research yourself and ask things you know. It will help assess the honesty and expertise of your agent interviewee.

What kind of questions should you ask your agent? You can start with basic questions like their recent clients and their feedback. How do they plan to work it out?

Make sure you ask them about their outsourcing of the legal proceedings while buying property. Have there even been any issues with ownership of the property they sold? Steer clear off any agent who fumbles or gets overconfident, while talking about licensing.

  1. Get an agent who aces online retailing of properties too

Past are the days of driving by and checking for posters of properties at sale. The red ‘SOLD’ stamp slapped on the desperately wanted house, is now mostly in movies. Yeah you will find and must look for the neighborhoods listings but online research is as important as field work.

Even if your agent discourages you from online world, do your research. We didn’t need to say this, now that you’re here, already reading! However, also look for everything apart from how to find the right agent.

Most agencies and even independent agents have their own websites or are at least on social networks. Get the one with a genuine profile on the web.

Also study the online listings of agents in that area and make calls. Talk and do your homework. It’s going to be stressful but less than after getting into a legal trouble buying through a fraud.

  1. Referrals, and Peer Reviews

Not all agents are competitors as they all specialize in their kind of service. Some are mortgage brokers, others house dealing personnel and office spaces. You can ask about the one you’re looking for from other field’s agent. As they are in it, before you even decided to buy or sell, you might get a better opinion.

Nonetheless, all of them need referrals so beware of their barter of sugar coated reviews. The one who doesn’t push you to a single agent either has a bigger circle or is speaking the truth.

One person you can trust blindly is clients who were just like you. Go about the locality and talk to recent settlers and get help.

  1. Chose the one who is physically available and punctual

Now the thing with buying anything is that everything goes smooth until the last instalment. Once the deal is done and you’ve paid the agent advance fee you can become their ignored ex soon. Especially if you’ve opted for an agency that have numerous clients throughout the year this is something you can be a victim of. All you will be is their backup for any property that comes their way for selling in future.

Go for agents who would work within a time frame. You really can’t check this point beforehand. Every agent is going to be the most attentive one until you commit. Cut the chase by giving them a time limit.

Even if this means letting go off a small share of already paid sum, let go. You don’t want to regret a bigger loss by continuing with such a causal person.

  1. Look for Legal Needs, Licensing and Certification

To make your final decision, consider the legal aspects of the agency or agent. Make sure he or she has an updated licensing. How long they’d take to get you the ownership documents? Authentication of the documents and how far will they assist you in it are things to consider. For agents outsourcing these, you’ll have to take extra efforts to check their teammates too.

You might want to be extra sure by choosing a Realtor instead of a real estate agent. National Association Of Realtors authorises the agents who are listed.

In Mexico, AMPI – Mexican Association of Real Estate Agents is the counterpart of NAR. Member agents are legally bound to follow the code of ethics of the association. All of this gets you the extra protection against any fraud.

The legal bindings make them liable to follow right practices. Escaping the legal action of the association isn’t easy an in case of the ordinary business. Mexico estate rulings have become strict in the recent years.

There are state licencing authorities that can even tell you about the agent’s history. Make sure they’ve never had a disciplinary legal action taken against them.

  1. Look for agents with credentials

AMPI and the state authorities have verification procedures for real estate agents in parts of Mexico. They use certifications and credentials to categorize the agents in the market. You can also ask for the any extraordinary achievements and credentials of your agent.

There are agents with university education and course certification. Feel free to ask them as they’re aware of their status and ranking. Dealing with non-certified agents can lead to inconsolable disappointment.

  1. Get the Pro agent with similar taste and passion towards you

You can sit along someone watching a movie, and find them praise a character you’d puke on. An agent who has a long essay to praise an archaic style house won’t get you the modern tiny apartment you’re looking for. All you’d reach to after driving down is something you don’t even notice while moving past.

When you want to gauge the taste of your agent, ask them about any random house you like or dislike. The input you get from him tells you their knowledge too.

Your man for the job must consider the fact that the property you’re buying is more than a deal for you. He shouldn’t just be swiping the pictures randomly for just selling it off to you. Instead he should ask you questions too about your interests. Playa Del Carmen is a tourist spot with limited population making it a very tricky market.

  1. Don’t spend too long in the preliminary findings

Take the risk and don’t spend months finding an agent. After all the real deal is buying the house or getting a buyer for your property on sale. Hiring a real estate agent in Playa Del Carmen is just a step in the long task lying ahead.

Be flexible to change your plans and agents too. You will learn along the way. Just be cautious and don’t let anything doubtful continue. Take baby steps but go beyond the rough work soon.