Forklift License & Training In Brisbane

Are you searching for a forklift licence training Brisbane? There are many training courses on the basis of your requirements and budget, which includes:

  • One day training + assessment
  • Two day training + assessment
  • Refresher courses and much more

The course you choose from the wide range of options depends on the number of hours you need to operate your forklift.

If you are seeking forklift licence and training anywhere in Brisbane, you need to have an overview of the training centre you have chosen.

For seeking forklift licence training Brisbane, you need to undergo the induction first. In induction, you will be introduced to all the components of forklift operation both practical as well as theory in a busy workplace, which is safe and competent. If the trainer is satisfied with your operating competency, he will issue you a log book and also a training plan.

You will then need to operate the forklift legally in your workplace under the supervision of the licenced forklift operator. You need to log your activity until you have completed your required 40 hours. You can now book your assessment.

You need to book your assessment now. You can achieve a competent assessment in the maximum duration of 6 months.

In forklift licence training Brisbane, the assessor will check your complete documents. If all your documents are in order and you fail in your assessment, the assessor will guide you to overcome your drawbacks.

Assessment consists of two parts. Part one comprises a written and numerical test of about 60 minutes duration and part two is a verbal and practical test on forklift of 40 minutes duration.